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My name is Delfina Morganti Hernández and I’m the founder of a strong, globally renowned personal brand known as orangepowerDMH, proudly morphing into a creative boutique of bilingual writers making things happen for brands.

Some orangepower milestones🍊

⭐️ Creator of the first podcast on transcreation
Or how brands cross borders with their creative communications

Here are some fun facts about me

There was a time when I wanted to be a professional opera singer, so for 5 years I studied piano. Then, I tortured my lyrical singing maestros for 2 years in a row. My dream project would be to create a jingle for your brand😍

Writing is my vocation. It’s the substance that runs through my veins in English and in Spanish (and, occasionally, in French).

Write fiction is what I do when no one is looking. I’m a self-published author of an essay on literary translation in Spanish; a poetry ebook in English, Spanish, and French; and there are a few novels in English which I mean to get published before I die.

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