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How responsive are we?” —Steve Jobs.

“What are customers saying?

“Seamless, open communication; orderly processes; professionalism; and, needless to say, outstanding creative skills. I recommend working with Delfina 100%.”

“Delfina’s definitely a top-level professional. Whether working on high-end brand materials or something more low key clients, Delfina takes utmost responsibility for her work and provides stellar results.”

“We had the immense pleasure of working with orangepowerDMH. Delfina stood out not only as a highly professional translator with an exquisite expressiveness, but also as a warm-hearted and value-oriented individual. Thank you so much for letting us take our first glimpse into transcreation. You certainly helped us exceed our client’s expectations.”

“Amazing writer, excellent professional. She makes magic with words. I’d highly recommend working with her.”

“From the very first time we discussed the translation I needed and the process involved, [Delfina] proved to be genuinely interested in her work. An affable professional, so well-mannered and clear; was the best choice I could have made. She’ll certainly be my next choice for future translation projects.”

“That's how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people.” —Steve Jobs.

“Delfina is a gifted linguist. She has a constant desire to learn and perfect her work. She is very detail-oriented and creative. It has been a pleasure to work with her in the local Translators Association newsletter team.”

💫🎮“Delfina is a highly-efficient, trustworthy, and professional linguist, who has a vast knowledge and experience in content-writing and creative translation. On an ongoing basis, she collaborates with me on a number of videogame localisation projects, in which she excels due to her literary talent and passion for transcreation. Delfina is a most-valued asset to any translator’s team, since she has excellent interpersonal skills, she’s always eager to learn, and she provides useful feedback. A true jewel!” ​

💫“I have worked with Delfina on several occasions and one of the things I find most remarkable about her are her professionalism and her extensive knowledge of both languages, English and Spanish. In every project, her suggestions have helped me learn more and boost my translations. Furthermore, she has always proved willing to solve my queries and agree on general style guidelines in order to create quality translations.”

💫“Delfina is a professional committed to her cause. She takes her projects very seriously and commits to them in ways uncommonly seen. Through her curiosity and “Orange Power”, she inspires and passes her enthusiasm on to people around her. Delfina’s very detailed-oriented approach has turned her into a professional that provides high-quality in a caring and supportive environment. If you need an expert in Creative Services—or any other kind of linguistic advice—Delfina is the professional you are looking for!”

💫“I’ve had the chance to work with Delfina on several translation projects where she assumed the role of checker and proofreader. Her readiness for the task at hand, her discerning, professional eye for constructive criticism and, above all, her valuable feedback highlighting strengths and building from weaknesses have rendered our work together a delightful experience. If only everyone had the chance to work with a reviewer like her—generous, kind and truly committed to excellence.”

✍️“Delfina has collaborated with our local translators association as top contributor to our e-newsletter and multi-task assistant at various events we organized in the last two years. Not only has she proven to be a creative, gifted and enthusiastic team player, but also very professional and really fun to work with. I would highly recommend her!”

Training & Marketing Program for translators - Testimonials

💡📚“Delfina is an excellent mentor and a devoted marketer. She has guided me through the realms of marketing with detail and passion. She is an expert in what she does and selflessly shares her knowledge with others. Her human approach is impeccable and I would definitely collaborate with her if the opportunity arises.”

💡📚“It was a real pleasure for me to work with Delfina. She’s very generous with her knowledge and expertise, and she knows what she does. Doing the ACME [marketing programme for translators] broadened my mind and empowered me to see things from a different and innovative point of view. I know the knowledge I acquired during my training is an endless source of information and growth. I can apply that to many areas and I can always go back to my notes and find something new that I may have overlooked at the begining. I recommend doing the ACME with Delfina!!”

🙋💬“In her transcreation webinar, Delfina guided us through the realms of creativity. She enlightened us on the fascinating aspects of transcreation, described how a transcreation project looks like and what a client expects from the linguist, analyzed some of the most common challenges posed by this task, and outlined the essential skills a transcreator has to possess in order to deliver a valuable service. Her extensive expertise allowed her to deliver an impeccable talk, as her explanations were very clear and informative.”

🙋💬“[…] I’d like to congratulate you on the awesome talk [transcreation] you recently delivered at the National Translation Conference [#ENT2018]. It’s overtly clear that you are absolutely passionate about your work and also a truly well-meaning person with a very amiable personality. Plus, you got your message across so well that you had us all craving more!”

📣“Hi Delfina! I just wanted to say that I loved your talk [on transcreation]. I found it extremely useful.”

📣“I was there yesterday when you delivered your talk [on transcreation] at the National Translation Conference [#ENT2018] and I must say I thought it the most beautiful and inspiring presentation I’ve seen in a long time. […] Thank you very much Delfina for this huge contribution; I’ve found it highly enriching.” Translators and future translators | 3rd National Translation Conference [III Encuentro Nacional de Traducción 2018 #ENT2018]

​“Delfina facilitated a live webinar to my translation students from San Nicolás de Bari Institute, Province of San Juan, Argentina. Such webinar consisted of four sessions in which Delfina elaborated on the subject of translation tests taken by translators with agency clients. Delfina not only offered her divergent yet well-informed view on this rarely discussed matter but also answered to all of the attendees’ relevant questions. As soon as the webinar finished, I received absolutely positive feedback from my students about the amazing experience they had with Delfina as their trainer. I look forward to working with her again!”

“I began doing transcreation in my very first job as a translator, but little did I know about it. With Delfina’s webinar I learn very basic and really useful concepts to completely understand what transcreation is. The webinar is well organized with some theory and then practise to master the ideas. She is very patient with follow-up emails and the webinar offers you more than you expect. I recommend it without any doubt.”

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